How To Cook Rice (In A Pot)

As a college student studying abroad for the semester, I’ve found it unpractical to invest in a rice cooker just for a mere four months, especially since I don’t need to eat rice everyday (or do I?).  In fact, I’ve found myself getting along pretty well on a noodle diet until now. I’d previously seen my suitemates attempt to cook rice in a pot, but sometimes the results aren’t pretty (read: burn marks all over bottom of pot), but recently I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to give it a go.  Turn’s out, it’s not that hard, quick, and quite satisfying!

What you’ll need:

A pot
Rice of your choice (I went with long grain rice)

Step 1:

Measure out how much rice you want to eat, keeping in mind that rice does expand! Put it in your pot and fill it up with water. Now wash your rice until the water pretty much turns clear.  I’ve found that it helps to use your hand or some other tool to stir the rice around, and it usually takes a few rinses to get all that cloudyness out.

Can you manage to wash your rice without spilling a single grain?


Step 2:

Once your rice is clean fill up the pot with about two times as much water as you have rice, so water:rice ratio is 2:1. Then put it on your stovetop and bring it to a boil. As soon as your rice is boiling turn the heat down to the lowest setting and put a lid on it. The lid helps trap the steam which is essential for cooking your rice well, but I’d also recommend using a lid that’s a tad bit big or leaving a crack so that your rice doesn’t get too soggy. I left my rice for about 15 minutes but as always, eyeball it because everyone’s food turns out differently!

Also, once you’ve turned down the heat, make sure to not stir or touch your rice as it may break up the grains.


Step 3: 

When you see the top of your rice harden and dry out a bit, and start looking a little holey your rice is done! I’d also recommend making sure the sides don’t look too soggy either, as sometimes the top looks good but the bottom needs a bit more time. I check by seeing whether or not the rice moves as a giant glob if I tilt the pot around.  If your rice seems satisfactory, grab a fork, a spoon, or some chopsticks to fluff it up, and serve!


There, 3 super easy steps that’ll get you your very own bowl of pot-made rice in under half an hour! Enjoy. :)