Borough Market

Ah food markets. I love these places because you get to wander around and see so many different cuisines and dishes and come out with a full stomach. It’s just amazingly satisfying. I love how busy it feels, with lots of people coming for various reasons, and it can be such a cheap and fun way to spend a few hours out and about.

Borough Market, situated just near London Bridge, is a wonderful expanse of food stalls where you can buy both ready-made foods and produce. It’s open everyday except Sunday, with different traders coming in on different days of the week. You can find out more about the them on their website, but I’d suggest you go explore for yourself and make some awesome finds!

I went on a Saturday morning and it was pretty crowded, but I didn’t have to wait too long for the foods I wanted.

DSC_1330DSC_1331DSC_1332 DSC_1333  DSC_1335

We started off small with Boston Sausage and I have to say sausages are a food that I’m falling in love with and even preferring over bacon (gasp). I always grab the opportunity to get them at markets because I find it a bit difficult to cook them to that degree of perfection myself.


As we ventured to another end of the market, we passed by so much food (look at that giant paella) that I’m dying to go back and try. I grabbed a sample of black truffle spread which literally tasted like heaven. Eventually we found Bread Ahead, which had stacks of mouthwatering sweet and savoury baked goods. We picked up some cheese sticks that were still warm and gooey, absolutely delicious! Their salted caramel honeycomb doughnut was also amazing.


At Shellseekers I got some freshly shucked oysters, which were a nice size (I don’t like oysters to be too big or too small) and had that lovely hint of sweetness. I also tried mine with a sort of purple pickle (?) and of course lemon juice! Shellseekers is also highly praised for their fried scallops, which I also tried but didn’t like as much as the oysters. They were good, but I personally prefer large, juicy scallops to the smaller ones that they served up.


At Brindisa we got their chorizo buns, which were made with some of my favorite ingredients, like sweet red peppers and rocket. All of it worked together perfectly, and even with my low spice tolerance, I loved it!


Before we left, we went back to Bread Ahead to grab some more sweets and I grabbed a few close-ups of these beauties while we were at it. Definitely worth going back for and I’ll be back at Borough soon.