When I first moved from my hometown in California to the large, bustling city of Shanghai, I felt uprooted. I felt like I had been yanked away from everything that was dear and familiar to me and placed in a cold and inhospitable environment and I wasn’t really sure how I’d be able to grow. Over time though, I did, and the things I learned from my life in another hemisphere shaped me. I’ve grown to love traveling and photography and exploring new cultures. And of course, I inevitably fell in love with Shanghai.

My dual perspective of two cultures inspired me to photojournal, blog, and share my experiences of the places that have had such a deep impact on my life. Maybe even raise some issues, assert a few opinions, and offer a new lens to look through. My studies have now taken me to New York City, another new environment I’m eager to find my place in.

In college, I’ve been lucky enough to explore a city that is truly one of a kind, further developing my passion for food as well as exploring more with beauty and fashion. I’ve had the honor of partaking in programs that have taken me around the world, from Europe to South America, fueling my desire to explore new cultures and places. For all its extraordinary ups and despite the inevitable downs, New York City has become another home for me. I can only hope document as much of this crazy beautiful chapter as possible.

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