Unboxing: Kat Von D VoxBox

Kat Von D has long been one of my favorite makeup brands. I’ve admired her palettes and loved her liquid lipsticks (not to mention her products are vegan and cruelty-free), so when the Lock-It Concealers launched I itched to test them out for myself. When I saw that Influenster was sending me not just one, but five products from the line to test, I was beyond excited. Being able to use multiple products from a range together is always how brands mean for them to be used, so getting the concealer, powder and their respective brushes made this VoxBox a really great one.


For me, picking the right concealer shade is hard, even when brands have a large selection of colors. And having two shades is ideal if you really want to perfectly color match your face. Fortunately I was sent two nearly perfect shades, a darker M25 (warm) and a lighter M17 (warm). The line also has a pure white colored concealer, which can be put to a variety of uses.

The concealers have more of a rounded, spongey applicator rather than the doe foot type most concealers seem to have. I actually like this because it distributes product evenly and the pointier tip makes application more precise.

Now with this formula, a little really goes a long way. In fact I don’t see myself using up these tubes anytime soon! The formulation is really thick, high coverage and dries slightly matte on me. This means it definitely does it’s job, but you might also risk patchiness if you don’t blend out evenly or wait too long to do so.


These concealers also came with a Lock-It Edge Concealer Brush and Lock-It Setting Powder Brush, both of which are suuuper soft and fluffy. They’re weighty, sleek and just feel well made. I love everything about them. What I will say though is that while the Edge Concealer Brush is supposed to have a specially contoured shape that fits your face, I kind of prefer using my hands. The brush does help blend out my concealer, but it also picks up a lot of product when I use it.

The Setting Powder Brush however feels like a dream to use. It picks up product nicely and is just so, so fluffy. I’ve used it with both pressed and loose powder. Speaking of powder, the Lock-It Pressed Powder is massive. I adored the finely milled powder and its packaging, but I will definitely never finish it, and it can get a bit messy.


Overall I really liked these and they only made me more interested in Kat Von D products. I also feel like at this price point, I would definitely repurchase given the quality. And since a little goes such a long way with both the concealer and the powder, it’s prettyworth the investment.

FTC: Everything in this post was gifted to me by Influenster. All opinions are my own. 

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