S: SakaMai | NYC

Lower East Side
157 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002
(646) 590-0684

After seeing photos of the Insta-famous “egg on egg on egg”, we decided that it was finally time to try out SakaMai. It’s considered an izakaya, which are informal Japanese gastropubs. With its candle-lit interior, exposed brick wills, and fireplace in the back, SakaMai definitely exhibited some sleek tavern feels. The dishes were tapas-style so we got everything to share, and since we were a party of three, our waiter offered to ask the kitchen to make the dishes in portions of three so that we didn’t have to share two sliders among three people.

DSC_2534DSC_2532DSC_2539DSC_2528DSC_2530The Egg on Egg on Egg ($19) was a must order. It turned out to be a lot smaller than all the photos would suggest, about the size of my palm, but the combination of sea urchin, caviar, and scrambled egg was so good. We also had the Shishito Peppers ($7) to start, which were actually quite tasty for something that seems so simple. The portion size was also pretty generous. DSC_2541DSC_2543

We then moved onto the Uni Crostini ($8) and Kakuni Slider ($12), both of which originally only came with two portions. The crostini was definitely quite small, but if you enjoy savory dishes with that umami flavor, then you will probably enjoy this too. I thought the sliders on the other hand were quite filling, and while good, I didn’t necessarily think they were too different from the pork buns you’ll find on every ramen shop menu. DSC_2550DSC_2552DSC_2553DSC_2557

One of my favorite dishes of the meal was the Beef Tartare ($18). Everyone loved the red miso sauce that it came with, but the bone marrow was not as good as the likes of others I’ve had such as Beauty & Essex. I also loved the Croquette ($12), which was a crispy and gooey ball of crab, potato, and cheese that really hit the spot. We finished off our meal with the Yakisaba Sushi ($12) since we wanted something that would be a bit more filling and the pressed sushi seemed unique. While filling, the sushi wasn’t anything super special either.

I’d definitely recommend coming here with a group of people so you can try more items from the menu. I love being able to eat a variety of things in one meal so that was really a treat, but I will probably only be back here for a special occasion or if a friend wanted to try it.

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