72 University Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 498-9393

Healthy eating is still gaining momentum, and NIX is one of the latest eateries to hop on board this craze, offering vegetarian and vegan fare in a sit-down dining environment. Opened by Michelin-starred chef John Fraser of Dovetail and Narcissa, NIX brings dishes that are reminiscent of many classics from a range of cuisines, but sans meat of course.DSC_2526DSC_2519DSC_2515

NIX is a cozy and welcoming space, with booths along the wall and a larger open dining area past the bar. Wooden accents, an abundance of candlelight, as well as a skylight and plants along the back wall give the space a warm yet refined feel.

We started with the Yukon potato fry bread ($15) to share, which was quite delicious with a variety of toppings and a hearty helping of sour cream. The bread didn’t feel heavily fried but rather crunchy on the outside with a quite dense interior. For the mains I ordered the Shiitake “cacio e pepe” ($18), which was my favorite of the dishes. Although it was a bit peppery, the polenta was deliciously creamy and the shiitake was rich in flavor. The Wok-fried farro ($17) was a typical fried rice dish brightened up with some fresh vegetables and a lovely poached egg. My friend also ordered the Cauliflower tempura ($16), an inventive dish that also came with steamed buns on the side.

Overall, the flavors were great and I really enjoyed the vegetarian take on these dishes, but we still left feeling a bit hungry. I’d definitely come back if I’m in the mood for a lighter meal, but if you’re feeling ravenous I’d recommend ordering a lot more to share or prepare to find yourself a second dinner after.


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