Eyeko Eyeliner Review


Birchbox had promised it’s subscribers these Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliners a few months back, but after some delays I finally got one in my box. Needless to say, as someone who loves fat tip markers, I was super excited to see how this eyeliner would perform.


PROS: Props to Birchbox for giving us a full sized product! I love how thick the eyeliner is, and if you love yourself a clean and thin line, then maybe this won’t be your favorite. I however, enjoyed not having to work too hard to build up a solid line. Also, the liner dries to a deep, matte black. My type of color and finish for sure.

CONS: However, this liner is a felt tip and even after just a few trial runs I could feel the pointed tip beginning to break down. Although I have no problems with making a sharp flick as of now, I can definitely see the liner tip going dull in the future. Also, I was surprised at how badly the liner held up when wet. If I so much as yawned, the liner would start to run immediately. Not pretty.

So even though I really liked using the liner, as well as how it looked on my eyes, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Thus, I don’t really see myself willing to wear this and risk a major makeup malfunction.

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